On Black Friday, Climate Change Activists in Europe Target Amazon Warehouses.


On Black Friday, Climate Change Activists in Europe Target Amazon Warehouses.

To protest the company’s “environmentally damaging” business methods, climate activists have staged blockades at Amazon facilities across Europe.

Extinction Rebellion protesters have shut down 15 Amazon fulfillment centers in the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands on Black Friday morning, Amazon’s busiest shopping day of the year.

To prevent truckers from approaching the locations, bamboo structures, signs, and “lock-ons” are being employed.

The group has targeted 13 Amazon warehouses in the United Kingdom, saying that these locations account for nearly half of all Amazon deliveries in the country.

The protestors said they chose to hold the demonstrations on Black Friday because the shopping holiday “epitomizes a fixation with overconsumption that is incompatible with a livable earth.”

Extinction Rebellion also chastised Amazon for its treatment of workers, for failing to pay their fair amount of taxes, and for its billionaire founder, Jeff Bezos’, fortune.

Clarissa Carlyon, a demonstrator in Dartford, South East England, said that action is required to “address the toxic consumerism that is causing the ecological problem.”

“If we don’t talk about what consumerism is doing to our world and culture, we won’t be able to handle the current planetary emergency,” Carlyon warned.

“Working at Amazon gave me firsthand experience of how little the firm cares about anything other than making money, and how terribly workers are treated,” Chris, a former Amazon employee from Newcastle, North East England, added.

“In a moment of crisis, we can no longer exist under a system that manipulates customers, exploits workers, and destroys the earth by pushing lethal limitless growth.” Amazon’s business model has allowed for tremendous expansion. Its exploitation expands in lockstep with its empire.” According to the group, Amazon-related operations emitted 60.64 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2020, which is more than Denmark’s total emissions and the equivalent of burning 140 million barrels of oil.

Amazon has stated that it will achieve “net zero carbon emissions” by 2040, but opponents claim there is no evidence that it will do so.

“At Amazon, we take our duties extremely seriously,” an Amazon representative stated in a statement to The Washington Newsday. This includes our goal of being net-zero. This is a condensed version of the information.


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