On a moving train, a woman flees her home to marry a man.


On a moving train, a woman flees her home to marry a man.

A married woman in India escaped her home on Wednesday to meet the man with whom she’d been having an affair at a nearby train station. Fearing that they would be discovered and she would be forced to return home, she and the man boarded a train and married.

According to India.com, the woman, Anu Kumari, and the male, Ashu Kumar, had been dating for several years. Her family, however, objected to the marriage for unclear reasons. Kumari’s parents forbade her from leaving the house after learning about the relationship. They also compelled their daughter to marry another man two months earlier.

Kumari moved in with her father-in-law since she didn’t want to live with her new husband. She resumed her relationship with Kumar, fleeing the house on Wednesday and meeting him at the Sultanganj train station. After thereafter, the pair married on a train bound for Bengaluru, India.

Kumari stated in a statement released by Zee News that her family had discovered her escape plot and had been tracking the train. She asked Kumar to marry her because she was afraid of being found and sent back to her husband, according to the publication. He agreed, and the wedding were completed by applying vermilion, commonly known as sindoor, to her forehead.

According to The Times of India, vermilion powder on a bride’s forehead is “her sacred mark as she begins her journey as a bride, for the rest of her life.” The mark is originally worn by her spouse during wedding rites and “represents years of ancient folklore and ideas about a woman’s validity as a married woman.” The bride then uses it to mark “his presence in her life” on a daily basis. It’s unclear whether she was compelled to wear this mark during her prior wedding.

Kumari’s first husband and his family were not forced to return to her.

Another man in India pretended to be a bride to visit his sweetheart on her wedding day earlier this month. Though the couple had been seeing each other for a while—the specifics of the timeline are not fully known—his girlfriend was arranged to be married to another man. Unfortunately, his girlfriend’s family discovered his disguise and booted him out. This is a condensed version of the information.


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