Officials mistook a woman’s body for a mannequin before tossing her in the trash.


Officials mistook a woman’s body for a mannequin before tossing her in the trash.

After mistaking her for a mannequin, police and firefighters in Quebec dumped a woman’s body into a dumpster.

On July 23, employees at a factory near Roy and Cabana streets in Sherbrooke, Canada, called the Sherbrooke Fire Department. According to Radio-Canada, they reported to emergency authorities that a mannequin was on fire in a nearby forested area, and smoke could be seen by factory workers.

The bakery establishment was visited by police and firefighters, who extinguished the fire. At the time, officials suspected the burned woman was a silicon life-size doll or a store mannequin.

“Witnesses stated that someone had ignited a silicone mannequin on fire when they arrived,” Sherbrooke Police Chief Danny McConnell said at a press conference on Thursday.

The emergency teams briefly discussed what to deal with the woman’s body, which they thought was a burnt “dummy” at this stage. They returned to the police station with the body and dumped it in the dumpster, feeling that was the best way to dispose of it.

According to McConnell, the dumpster was located behind the police station and was not accessible to the general population.

The boyfriend of a lady who had gone missing filed a missing person’s report with the station about four hours after the police reacted to the fire. According to authorities, the woman’s phone signal was spotted and later recovered in her car parked near the factory.

The police recognized the woman from the missing person’s report, and since the car had been discovered by the fire, they decided to investigate the dumpster. Around 6:30 p.m., the woman’s body was discovered in the “mannequin” that police and firefighters had put into the department’s dumpster.

“We are extremely sorry for this situation, and rest assured that the family is being kept up to date on every major development in this investigation,” McConnell added. “In this very serious scenario, our hearts are with the family, her spouse, and the children.”

The coroner’s office has opened an investigation into the woman’s death. The incident is being investigated independently by the Crown Investigation Agency and the Independent Bureau of Investigators [BEI], while Sherbrooke police are examining it as a suspicious death.

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