North Korea’s ‘War against Capitalistic Lifestyle’ includes a ban on skinny jeans and piercings.


North Korea’s ‘War against Capitalistic Lifestyle’ includes a ban on skinny jeans and piercings.

North Korea and Generation Z appear to agree on one thing: skinny jeans must go.

In a self-proclaimed “war on capitalism,” the clandestine Asian nation has apparently banned Western fashion trends such as mullets, some body piercings, and thin jeans.

According to Yonhap News Agency of South Korea, a North Korean publication released an exhortation to citizens to abandon capitalism lifestyle.

“History teaches us a critical lesson: despite of its economic and defense prowess, a country will become susceptible and eventually crumble like a damp wall if we do not hang on to our own lifestyle,” Rodong Sinmun, an organ of the North’s governing Worker’s Party, reportedly said on May 13.

“We must be on the lookout for even the tiniest trace of the capitalist lifestyle and struggle to eradicate it.”

Other socialist countries, according to Rodong Sinmun, have failed because they did not do enough to combat “the invasion of capitalistic lifestyle[s].”

Kim Jong Un has already attempted to restrict “decadent” Western fashion standards like the mullet haircut, slogan shirts, lip and nose piercings, and the ubiquitous millennial staple skinny jeans, according to a recent story in the United Kingdom’s Daily Express.

New laws now define what constitutes an acceptable “socialist” hairstyle. Spiked and dyed hair are definitely prohibited among the 15 approved styles.

Any haircuts that aren’t authorized are considered “anti-socialist behavior” and fall under the “yellow wind of capitalism,” according to the site.

The Daily Express’ report was unable to be independently verified by Washington Newsday.

Surprisingly, Kim’s alleged decision to abandon slim jeans coincides with a digital discussion between Gen Z and millennials over stylish pants. While Gen Z wants a baggier, looser fit, millennials favor the slim jean.

According to official media on Thursday, the new anti-Western fashion laws appear to coincide with Kim Jong Un’s recent commitment to wage a “uncompromising combat” against anti-socialism in the face of US economic sanctions.

“Defending the working-class purity and lifeline of our form of socialism is a do-or-die combat against anti-socialist and non-socialist practices,” Kim reportedly remarked.

“[Participants must] steadfastly adhere to the ideal of generating everything required for economic construction and people’s survival from our own raw and other materials.”

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