North Korea outlaws leather coats, claiming that copying Kim Jong Un’s style is ‘pure’.


North Korea outlaws leather coats, claiming that copying Kim Jong Un’s style is ‘pure’.

North Korean authorities have banned citizens from wearing leather trench coats, claiming it is “impure” to imitate Kim Jong-fashion Un’s sense.

The outfit first gained traction in 2019 after Kim was photographed wearing one while cheering on during a missile test by the country’s state media. Originally, the coats were imported from China. Later, local clothing manufacturers began creating and selling faux leather coats on the domestic market.

Leather coats were now sold in almost every North Korean market. Faux leather was also seen on a lot of young males who could afford it. When Kim’s sister, Yo Jong, was seen wearing one earlier this month, it sparked a surge in popularity among women.

This prompted North Korean authorities to tighten down on the knockoffs, describing them as “an impure trend to question the authority of the Highest Dignity,” according to sources acquainted with the situation.

The North Korean authorities also ordered fashion police officials to patrol the streets and seize faux leather jackets from vendors and citizens, according to the sources.

“Young guys resist, claiming that they paid for the coats themselves and that there is no reason to take them away,” one insider told the publication.

The ban on leather jackets comes as North Korea approaches the tenth anniversary of Kim Jong Un’s term as supreme leader. After his father, Kim Jong Il, died on Dec. 17, 2011, from what the North Korean press described as “mental and physical overwork,” the 37-year-old took over the role. According to Brookings, his cause of death was eventually determined to be a heart attack.

Some suspect that the crackdown is timed to coincide with Kim’s weight loss, which has seen him drop from nearly 300 pounds to around 260 pounds this year.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has also been the subject of suspicions that he has gotten unwell because he has not been seen in over a month. His absence from public appearances fueled earlier suspicions that the North Korean leader had undergone heart surgery.

Kim is slated to make a public appearance on December 17 to mark the tenth anniversary of his father’s death.


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