No one can figure out what kind of creature this majestic ‘creature’ is.


No one can figure out what kind of creature this majestic ‘creature’ is.

A magnificent “creature” has been generating a sensation on the internet after no one could figure out what breed it was, with some comparing it to a lemur.

The odd specimen was featured in a video posted to Reddit on Wednesday by StcStasi, with the caption: “The most gorgeous thing!” “What would you call this cat breed?” In just a few days, it received approximately 50,000 upvotes, with people sharing a wide range of viewpoints.

“Cheshire cat!” wrote Ourneylovelive.

“If this cat started talking to me, I don’t think I’d even flinch,” InfectedAlloy88 said.

“I suppose it might be able to tell me the way across the Labyrinth,” Ins4n1ty speculated.

“It looks like a lemur,” Nigerianprincess thought.

“Damn is it even a cat?” wondered Emotional Grape8449.

“It all started in Jim Henson’s Creature Shop,” Sheezy520 explained.

“Looks like he’s wearing the pelts of all the other cats he killed,” IHaveMyCats said.

Richie du Mont d’Even the Maine Coon cat, who has his own Instagram account, @richie the mainecoon_, turns out to be the captivating creature.

Adriana Piraino, Richie’s owner, told The Washington Newsday that she bought him from the Chatterie du Mont d’Even in France, which is where he gets his name.

Richie was purchased for $1,620 by Piraino, a cosmetics artist, when he was 4 months old, and his coat was outstanding even from that young age.

“Richie already had a lot of hair at that age,” she claimed. When he developed his fur, though, people became more interested in him. In just a few days, his fur grew. He morphed into an animal that was both odd and cute, like a coat around him. On social media, he began to go viral. “Everyone was crazy over him.” But, as Piraino said, he’s more than just a lovely face: “Beyond his physicality, he has his personality.” Smart, inquisitive, and a dog-cat player. He follows me around everywhere because I work from home, and he is my constant buddy. He enjoys people just as much as he adores kids.” She, too, was eager to see how Richie progressed, adding that she adopted him two years after losing her two cats and had always desired a “purebred.” “I became fascinated with Maine Coons. They’re magnificent,” she remarked, adding that Richie is a black smoke, a kind of Maine Coon. This is a condensed version of the information.


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