New ‘baseless, slanderous sanctions’ are slammed by Cuba. ‘This Is Just the Beginning,’ says Biden.


New ‘baseless, slanderous sanctions’ are slammed by Cuba. ‘This Is Just the Beginning,’ says Biden.

Cuba has condemned President Joe Biden’s new wave of sanctions, which were imposed in reaction to a crackdown on protestors on the Communist-run island, which is already subject to a decades-long US trade embargo.

However, Biden has warned that these additional penalties are only the beginning, as his administration attacked Havana following rare anti-government protests earlier this month and a subsequent response by Cuban officials blaming Washington of fomenting unrest.

In a statement released Thursday, Biden said he “unequivocally” criticized “the mass detentions and fake trials that are unjustly imprisoning those who dared to speak out in an effort to scare and coerce the Cuban people into silence.”

He sent a powerful message of support to the protestors.

“The Cuban people, like all people, have the right to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly,” Biden stated. “The United States stands in solidarity with the courageous Cubans who have taken to the streets to protest 62 years of communist repression.”

Following that, the president announced fresh sanctions aimed at the Cuban government.

“To hold them accountable for their actions,” he added, his administration is “imposing fresh sanctions targeting sections of the Cuban regime responsible for this crackdown—the head of the Cuban military and the division of the Cuban Ministry of the Interior spearheading the crackdown.”

He warned, “This is just the beginning.” “The US will continue to sanction individuals who are involved in the mistreatment of Cubans.”

The announcement drew a swift response from Havana, with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodrguez denouncing another another kind of US economic pressure on his country.

Rodrguez stated his “rejection of the unjustified and slanderous sanctions” in a tweet provided to this website by the Cuban embassy in Washington.

The top Cuban diplomat proposed that Biden use the Magnitzky Act, which allows the US to freeze the assets of suspected human rights violators, “to himself for acts of everyday repression and police brutality that killed 1,021 lives in 2020,” according to the top Cuban ambassador.

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