More European and Asian migrants seek entry at the US-Mexico border under Biden’s watch.


More European and Asian migrants seek entry at the US-Mexico border under Biden’s watch.

The United States-Mexico border continues to be a beacon for those seeking entry into the United States from a variety of countries. According to the most recent data from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the agency encountered over 180,000 persons in May.

Despite the fact that Latin American nations, led by Mexico, continue to provide the majority of immigrants seeking entry at the southern border, the number of immigrants from India, Turkey, Russia, and Romania has increased year-over-year in 2021 compared to the same period in 2020.

With 3,435 people requesting immigration to the United States so far this year, Romania has outpaced all other nations outside of Latin America, up from 276 in 2020.

Jessica Bolter, an associate policy analyst of US immigration policy at the Migrant Policy Institute, told This website, “We’re now witnessing record numbers.” “The fundamental reason for ‘why now’ is a mix of the pandemic’s economic repercussions, as well as the messaging, or narrative, that is forming about opportunities along the US-Mexico border.”

Bolter added that as the United States continues to recover economically and in terms of public health, it presents itself as a location of opportunity.

“The United States has really gotten its legs beneath it in the last six months or so and is definitely on a route to recovery, both economically and health-wise,” Bolter added. “So, I believe the disparity between the lack of opportunity in home nations and the expanding prospects in the United States cannot be overstated.”

She claimed that the pandemic’s economic, social, and physical repercussions made life even more difficult for people living in harsh situations abroad. News that the border is less hostile under the Biden administration continues to spread, which Bolter believes plays a role in people’s opinions.

“They are aware that President Biden has vowed to treat migrants more humanely than Trump,” Bolter added, “and there may be a notion that an opportunity to cross the US-Mexico border has arisen now.”

While border crossings increased by roughly 72,000 in October under the Trump administration, President Biden’s increase in the refugee cap and processing of those registered in the Migrant Protection Protocols contributed to the increase. This is a condensed version of the information.


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