Mid-ceremony, a lifeboat crew leaves the wedding for an emergency rescue.


Mid-ceremony, a lifeboat crew leaves the wedding for an emergency rescue.

A lifeboat crew in England has been hailed for reacting quickly to a maritime emergency despite having to leave a wedding in the middle of the ceremony to do so.

On September 18, Luke Gist and Jamie Dawkins, two lifeguards from Clovelly Lifeboat Station in Devon, southwest England, were attending a relative’s wedding when an emergency signal was issued to them.

The staff at the wedding acted quickly after a woman fell over some rocks and was in dire danger.

Two crew members were seen wearing suits at the wedding before changing into life jackets to help them complete the task, according to a Facebook post.

“It doesn’t matter who’s wedding you’re at when the pagers go off.

Thankfully, these weren’t the groomsmen, according to the article.

“Me and Jamie were attending my sister’s wedding at Woolsery church where my kid Noah was a page boy alongside his cousin,” Gist told Surrey Live.

“We had just finished seeing them come down the aisle and warming up our voices for the first hymn, ‘All Creatures Great and Small,’ when the pagers began to sing their own song.

“When we got to the station, Jamie and I, along with two other crew members, assisted the coastguard team in carrying a female with an ankle injury off a pebble bank that was about to be covered by the incoming tide.

“When we returned to the wedding, we discovered that we had missed the entire ceremony.

“Fortunately, my new brother-in-law is a firefighter, and my sister is a First Responder, so the sound of a pager interrupting a family gathering isn’t unusual.”

The injured woman’s husband replied on the Facebook page, thanking the staff for their help.

“Hey guys, I just wanted to offer a big thank you for coming out to the wedding today to help my wife, who had fallen on the rocks. Simon Best, the man, stated, “Your support was incredible.”

“She has a shattered ankle with considerable ligament damage, and surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning. Fortunately, the medications are working and she is doing fine.”

Diane Best, the injured woman, left a comment on the post expressing her gratitude.

“Thank you to all of the Heroes on the beach at Clovelly yesterday, as well as the two paramedics who managed to get the ambulance down the treacherous slope. This is a condensed version of the information.


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