Massive Boulders Take Down Bridge In India Landslide: Terrifying Video


Massive Boulders Take Down Bridge In India Landslide: Terrifying Video

On Sunday, a large boulder fell off a mountain in India and slammed into a van transporting tourists, killing nine people.

The terrifying images of the landslide in Sangla valley, Himachal Pradesh’s northern state, show boulders falling down like artillery shells before collapsing a bridge in a single hit. Several cars parked down the valley were struck by shooting stones.

Boulders slammed into the van transporting visitors. The vehicle was thrown off the road and into a 400-foot chasm as a result of the collision. According to The Indian Express, two people were able to jump from the van, while the others were crushed to death.

Despite the fact that the local weather office had just issued a landslide warning in Himachal Pradesh due to excessive rains, the landslide occurred on a bright, beautiful Sunday.

When the landslide struck, the victims were returning from Chitkul, the last inhabited settlement near the Indo-China border, to Sangla.

To carry out rescue operations, the Indo-Tibetan Border Police joined forces with the locals. The bodies were found and taken to a nearby hospital.

“Landslides are common on the hilltop. For the past two days, we’ve been watching the shooting stones from the hilltop,” a local elected lawmaker told Hindustan Times.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India expressed his condolences to the families via Twitter. “The injured would be awarded an ex-gratia of Rs 2 lakh (671),” he said.

During monsoons, landslides and high-intensity earthquakes are common in Himachal Pradesh and the surrounding areas.

A cloudburst was observed last week in Dharamshala, resulting in a massive flood. Rainfall was also heavy in other sections of the state, causing property damage. The government responded by issuing a travel alert, advising tourists to stay away until the weather improves.

The monsoon season in India is presently underway, and it normally lasts from June through September.


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