Martin Lewis on the four places that everyone should check to reclaim thousands.


He spoke about pensions and lifelong ISAs.

Martin Lewis was back on his program about saving money last night, where he explained to the public how they should look after their money.

Martin pointed out four major areas where people should look for extra money

he said: “There’s a lot of money involved here that you might miss – I have four of them.

Martin pointed out four major areas where you should look for cash.

But the main focus of ITV’s Martin Lewis Money Show was how to recover the money you owe.

That’s because the PPI payouts included an extra amount to make up for the interest you could have paid if that money had been in your savings account instead of the insurance company.

Anyone with a PPI claim could also claim back more money – this time from the IRS, reports the Mirror.

And this extra money is taxable.

Which means you can reclaim it.

The problem is that for a year now we have had a £1,000 tax break on the money we earn as interest on our savings – and this was ignored when cash was deducted from payouts.

“You can only claim it back by April 2016,” Martin said – but it could still be worth a lot.

One viewer received £2,400 back this way.

“I have been campaigning on this issue for a long time,” said Martin.

If you – or someone you live with – have or care for a disability or health condition, you could pay too much community tax without even knowing it….


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