Martin Lewis on how you could claim £124 for a day’s work at home.


The British government allows employees to apply for tax relief for additional household expenses if they have to work regularly at home, either for all or part of the week.

Martin Lewis has revealed how, if you work at home for even one day because of a corona virus, you can claim tax relief for a year.

Regardless of how long you were at home, you can get tax relief

This is a profit of £62 per annum for taxpayers paying at the base rate, £124 per annum at a higher rate.

But Martin has now revealed in his blog MoneySavingExpert that even if you work from home for a day, you can still claim a year’s tax relief.

This also applies if you have to work from home because of a coronavirus (COVID-19).

HMRC said Martin: “We recognise that the situation of working from home this year is very uneven, so we accept applications for the whole year’s expenditure.

Martin said: “When we first saw it, we could not quite believe that it meant that you would automatically receive the claim for the entire tax year, regardless of how long you were at home.

From 6 April 2020, you can either apply for tax relief at £6 per week (for earlier tax years the rate is £4 per week) – you don’t need to keep receipts for your extra costs or the exact amount of extra costs you have incurred over and above the weekly amount – you need receipts such as receipts, invoices or contracts.

“This also applies if you have only worked from home for part of the year, so you don’t have to contact us if you need to work from home again.

You will receive tax relief based on the tax rate at which you pay tax. For example, if you pay the basic tax rate of 20% and take a £6 per week tax relief, you will receive £1.20 per week tax relief (20% of £6).


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