Marcus Rashford’s important message to communities after the school lunch campaign.


Parliament rejected proposals to provide free meals for vulnerable children during school vacations.

Marcus Rashford expressed his “pride” that offers of help and support are flowing in to prevent children from going hungry.

The government has rejected the request for free school meals, but communities have joined forces.

But business owners across Merseyside, including cafes, cab companies and gyms, have made friendly gestures after the government rejected the request for free school meals.

The Labour motion, which was triggered by a campaign by the footballer, was defeated in the House of Commons by 261 votes to 322.

The Mayor of Liverpool, Joe Anderson, also said he was “not prepared to stand idly by” when he announced funding of £300,000.

This means that the council will provide 20,000 children with vouchers during the half-time break.

Mr. Anderson claimed it was “arrogance” for the residents of the city to be “treated so badly that they ignore our requests and appeals.

Mayor Anderson said, “You have a government that really doesn’t care and doesn’t understand.”

He said: “Last week 61 people died, including my brother Billy from Covid in Liverpool. It’s heartbreaking.”

Rashford, who drove the #endchildfoodpoverty campaign, tweeted his thanks to communities across the UK tonight.

He said: “I say goodbye tonight with a sense of pride. The superstars of this nation lie in the local communities.

“Even after you took the biggest blows, you wrapped your arms around your community to catch children as they fell.

“I really can’t thank you enough, you are amazing.

“To the Twitter community: Continue to share these posts on #endchildfoodpoverty….


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