Marcus Rashford says he has not heard from Boris Johnson despite the claims of Matt Hancock.


However, Rashford has stated that the last time he spoke to Mr. Johnson was in June.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said he understood that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had responded to a letter from school lunch activist Marcus Rashford.

Public support for Rashford’s campaign continues to grow

But public support for the campaign led by footballer Rashford continues to grow.

The government has rejected the Labour Party’s motion calling for the extension of free meals during the holiday period until Easter 2021 by a majority of more than 60 votes in the House of Commons, with only five Tory MPs out of line to vote with the opposition.

The Manchester United striker – whose petition has collected more than 800,000 signatures – announced a series of councils and companies that will step in during the pandemic to provide free food to those in need.

There was also disbelief among some conservatives that the government would continue to hold out if the extension of free meals during the mid-term break this week had cost just £20 million.

According to the Health Secretary, Rashford and Mr Johnson are said to have been in contact with each other.

After Rashford was forced to make a U-turn on this issue in the summer because of his election campaign, ministers will be concerned about the prospect of another revolt when MPs return to Westminster after this week’s halftime break.

Mr Hancock said at the BBC breakfast: “As far as I understood, there was communication between the two.

“He is arguing on the basis of his personal experience for the benefit of the people who really need this support.

“We have all seen what Marcus Rashford has done, and the way he has behaved in this campaign I think is absolutely exemplary.

Responding to the reply from Number 10, Mr Hancock added: “I am not responsible for the Prime Minister’s correspondence – if there has been no correspondence, I am sure that this will be followed up.

Rashford responded to one of Mr Hancock’s quotes from the BBC interview: “Hmm, unless it refers to the call we had after the turnaround in June?

But Rashford tweeted and said he had not spoken to the Prime Minister since June….


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