Man dies after attending a ‘COVID Party’ to get infected for the purpose of obtaining a ‘Green Pass.’


Man dies after attending a ‘COVID Party’ to get infected for the purpose of obtaining a ‘Green Pass.’

After purposefully becoming infected with COVID-19 by attending a party thrown to obtain antibodies, a guy died of the virus.

According to local media, the 55-year-old Austrian man sought to earn a green card without having to get vaccinated. According to Ladbible, the “COVID party” was held in the South Tyrol region of northern Italy. Several such parties have been held around the country in recent weeks. At least three more people have been hospitalized in the Alpine region, including a young child.

Many anti-vaxxers in Italy, according to local media, are purposely wanting to get sick in order to earn a “green pass,” which is now required for people to work and participate in leisure activities in the country. This “green pass” indicates that the person has been vaccinated against COVID-19, has recovered from it in the last six months, or has recently had a negative test.

“They don’t grasp how serious the virus is even among children and young people,” Patrick Franzoni, coordinator of Bolzano’s anti-Covid team, told local newspaper Il Dolomiti [Google Translate]. “Long-term repercussions can occur, and even young kids may find up in the hospital… In this case, a youngster is in pediatrics, whereas in Austria, a 55-year-old man died after becoming infected at a corona party.” Three people who decided to attend the COVID events in order to earn a green permit ended up in the hospital, according to Franzoni. It’s unknown whether all three affected folks were at the same party or attended separate ones.

Meanwhile, according to Yahoo News Australia, there have been multiple occasions in the past where people have congregated and organized a party only to become infected with the virus and acquire antibodies rather than receiving a vaccine shot.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, Italy has seen approximately 4.9 million COVID-19 cases and over 130,000 Covid-related fatalities.

Since the virus expanded over Europe at the start of 2020, it has been one of the hardest afflicted countries.

There were 10,047 new cases and 67 new deaths in Italy on Tuesday.


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