Malaysia imposes a two-week curfew after the country records over 8,000 new COVID infections.


Malaysia imposes a two-week curfew after the country records over 8,000 new COVID infections.

According to the Associated Press, Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said that the country will enter a near-full two-week lockdown on June 1 after more than 8,000 new cases were recorded on Friday.

The government had gone into lockdown earlier in May, allowing companies to continue operating, but mounting numbers of infections since the Muslim Eid celebration culminated in the country’s highest daily infection rates on Friday.

For the duration of the imminent lockdown, all social and economic activities will be suspended, with the exception of critical services.

Malaysia already has approximately 550,000 cases, with 40 percent of the country’s documented deaths occurring in May alone.

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In a statement, Yassin added that if daily instances reduce during the initial lockdown, some economic activity will be permitted to resume in the four-week second phase. Businesses can resume operations after that, but social events will be put on hold.

Yassin promised that the government will strengthen the healthcare system and increase vaccines to prevent it from collapsing.

Senior Minister Ismail Sabri claimed on Friday that many ethnic Malay Muslims had broken COVID-19 safety restrictions prohibiting them from meeting one other over the Eid festival.

He added there have been 24 Eid clusters discovered, with 850 confirmed cases. According to him, many of the positive cases included persons who were asymptomatic.

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