Living’ Nan dies weeks after a tragic fall in downtown Liverpool.


Bernice Whitehead of Dovecot, died sadly in the early hours of Tuesday morning, October 27, at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

A tribute was paid to a “lively” uncle who died weeks after a tragic accident in downtown Liverpool.

In honor of her family, she said she was “a young soul trapped in the body of an old woman.

Granddaughter Kimberly Holder described her nan as a “fighter” and said they knew that “the road to recovery would not be easy,” but with the help of physical therapy, Bernice began to mobilize and discussions were underway to release her home.

The results of an x-ray showed that Bernice had broken two bones in her neck during the fall, but she did not completely lose her mobility.

The 86-year-old was first admitted to the hospital three weeks ago after she fell on an escalator and hit her head while shopping with a friend at the St. Johns Precinct.

She sadly died in the hospital on Tuesday morning.

However, after she contracted a water infection in the hospital and then a chest infection, Bernice’s condition worsened and her family was told that she had days to live.

Bernice tested positive for corona virus on Saturday after a patient on the same ward became infected with the virus.

The NHS Foundation Trust of Liverpool University Hospital has now launched a formal investigation.

Kimberly and her family claim that Bernice was not receiving adequate care and that neglect by hospital staff may have contributed to her death.

Kimberly, 36, told ECHO: “Nan was a vibrant, dignified woman who had lived through and survived a war.

“The result for Nan may always have been her death, but she did not deserve to die like that.

“What she and the whole family suffered is cruel and worst of all avoidable.

In her tribute, Kimberly described Nan as “a young soul trapped in the body of an old woman.

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“No one had a bad word to say about her.

“If you were on her good side, you were fine, but if not, she was a force to be reckoned with.

She said, “She was good for her age. She had a young personality….


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