Liverpool Tier 4 “would not be necessary if people were careful”.


One reader suggested in the comments section that more stringent restrictions should be proposed “which would not be necessary if people were careful”.

Mayor Joe Anderson’s assertion that he would accept level 4 restrictions if necessary sparked a debate among ECHO readers.

Hundreds of readers have responded to Mayor Joe Anderson’s comments this morning

Hundreds of ECHO readers responded to Mayor Anderson’s comments.

He said the virus “did not take prisoners” and if the cases did not decrease, he would consider more stringent measures necessary.

This morning Mayor Anderson said he would support the government in taking our tougher measures if coronavirus cases do not decline.

Rebecca Rose wrote: “It would not be necessary if people were reasonable. Those who gather in groups without social distance give the government an excuse to make us take extreme measures”.

Some people supported Mayor Anderson’s proposal, but others were concerned that the decision for Merseyside might not be the right one.

said Lawrence Whitbread: “He talks about protecting businesses and jobs and then makes comments like this. Tier 3 is destroying us, Tier 4 is just a complete breakdown”.

said Adrian Farrell on Twitter: “Well done, Mayor Anderson, who is committed to doing the right thing.”

Mark Leary said that in his opinion the focus should be on how we’re going to be able to get out of Tier 3.

“Surely the focus should now be on planning how and when we can fall back into Tier 2”.

he said: “After two weeks in Tier 3, the numbers are already declining. Why is it even necessary to consider a fourth stage?

Liverpool is one of several northern locations currently under the government’s most stringent restrictions following a huge increase in cases.

In an interview with BBC Breakfast, Mayor Anderson, whose brother Bill was one of 61 people who died from the virus in the city within a week, said he was not against the introduction of “stricter measures if necessary”.

But Mayor Anderson said that if the cases do not seem to be going down, he would support tougher measures.


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