Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher explains why he wants Jose Mourinho to win the Premier League


The legend of the Reds, who played 737 games during his time at Anfield, explained on Monday Night Football how both he and co-host Gary Neville now believe that Tottenham under Mourinho will fight for the top four places.

Jamie Carragher wants Jose Mourinho to win the Premier League title – only if Liverpool doesn’t make it.

Liverpool is level on points at the top of the Premier League, but Tottenham under Jose Mourinho is only just behind.

Tottenham defeated Burnley 1-0 on Monday night to finish fifth in the standings – two points behind leaders Everton and Liverpool after six games.

And the former defender explained that, in his opinion, this could be the season in which an irregular team could win the title in the domestic top flight, as Liverpool have long seen star centre-forward Virgil van Dijk on the sidelines and Manchester City “doesn’t look right”.

“I think they had gone 12 months or so without an away win when Jose came into the game, that was a crazy statistic.

“You [the Spurs]weren’t in my top four at the beginning of the season because you looked at them at the end of last season,” Carragher said.

“When Jose came into the game – and you have to remember that there are no bigger fans of Mauriciio Pochettino than me and him [Neville] – this team was finished, they needed to keep going, they needed to evolve and change the style of play, and now players came into the game.

“And I don’t think anyone at Tottenham, from Daniel Levy to Jose Moruniho to those players, has thought for even a minute about fighting for the title this season. It will have been all about getting into the top four.

“They went to West Ham in his first game and he won that victory. Last season it was a bit of a stop-start – but I think his results from back then were about four or five best of what he thinks they should be.

“And I would like to say something here: I want Liverpool to win the league, of course – but I would like to see Mourinho win again.

“But because this season has been so strange, Liverpool with Van Dijk and City just doesn’t look right – you wait for it to click to start again, and I’m sure it will – but if there’s ever a chance for anyone to do anything, it’s this season.

“We’re talking about tactics and systems here, and we love it, we’re rooting ourselves in it, but Moruinho has been thrown so much that he’s yesterday’s man and he’s from another era – all these things and these new, modern, fresh managers, but I’d like to see Mourinho win again to help me and him or the press and the newspapers – whoever’s out there!

“I’m not for all that, you have to play a certain way and only a certain way can win. I would like to see Mourinho win – if Jurgen would not win.”

“In a way, it would be a good story if Moruinho did it again. For what he has achieved, he gets a lot of criticism for how he does certain things, but in a way it would be nice to see him win and win it in a different way.


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