Liverpool ECHO continues the #IAMBOB campaign for black-owned businesses.


Liverpool has the oldest black community in Europe, and over the decades the region has had many successful entrepreneurs, from historical and well-known personalities to business owners, who still form the heart of our communities today.

WashingtonNewsday and our parent company Reach Plc are continuing a campaign in November and December this year to promote the work of Britain’s black entrepreneurs.

ECHO and our parent company Reach Plc are committed to black entrepreneurs.

And starting Monday, we will be helping to highlight those in Merseyside and relaunch the Twitter campaign with the hashtag #IAMBOB, inviting local black businesses to contact us.

The campaign for black-owned businesses was launched last month at Reach Plc, with the idea of supporting the growth of the UK black economy.

Our campaign is part of BusinessLive’s work to represent all the communities it serves – and to highlight the importance of black economy businesses to the UK’s economic recovery.

The campaign will tell millions of people all about the UK’s thriving black economy through our websites, social media channels and newspapers.

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Earlier this month, on Black Pound Day, Reach news brands waved hundreds of local businesses back to thousands of loyal followers.

And through our trusted and industry-leading local and regional news websites and newspapers, we will once again help to promote the success stories of black-owned businesses.

The campaign first took place during Black History Month – an annual event that originated in the U.S. but is now being followed in Ireland, the Netherlands and the U.K. in October.

Make sure you also tag on your local news site, such as WashingtonNewsday, Bristol Live, Manchester Live or Birmingham Live.

All you have to do to participate is make sure that we can tell as many people as possible about your company.

To tell your story, email our national business team at [email protected] with the following information: The name of your company, where you are located, the number of employees, the year you were founded and a brief explanation of what your company does.

Many of your inspiring stories will be featured in our Reach titles later this month, and we would like to learn more about your companies.


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