Joe Biden is the “Greatest Arbitrator” who will bring America together: Former British prime minister.


President-elect Joe Biden was branded by former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown as the “greatest arbiter” who supported the Democrat so that he could establish American unity and make a positive impact on the world stage.

Brown was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 2007 to 2010, succeeding Tony Blair, who was previously Chancellor of the country.

“What you see in Joe is what you get. He is open, he is friendly. He’s very respectful, he’s very generous with people,” Brown told the BBC, talking about his own interactions with Biden.

“You know, Ronald Reagan has been called the greatest communicator, he [Biden] is the greatest conciliator.

“What you see in Joe is what you get.
Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who worked with US President-elect Joe Biden, tells #BBCBreakfast how he is doing.

– BBC Breakfast (@BBCB Breakfast) November 9, 2020

“I think he will be the person who brings America together, because it is a very, very divided and dysfunctional country right now.

“And I think he will also be the person that brings the world community together because we have lacked global leadership in the last year or two.

Brown also commented on how Biden might deal with Britain’s progress and commented on his relations with the rest of Europe – and suggested to Brexit that Britain should leave the European Union bloc.

“He is a great friend of Britain, he has been a friend, he wants to be a friend. Of course he would prefer us to be more united with Europe. He is determined that the Good Friday Agreement will not be thrown off course,” he said, referring to concerns about Britain’s attitude to the Agreement in terms of how she will deal with Europe in the future. Biden said earlier that any future trade agreement between the U.S. and Britain will depend on compliance with this agreement.

“But he will want to work with Britain on key issues – health cooperation, environmental cooperation, working together for the overall recovery of the world and America’s linchpin in this – and it will be very important in the coming months,” Brown added.

Washington Newsday has asked Brown and Biden’s teams for further comments.

Biden’s campaign official says he will ‘honour’ his progressive commitments.

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Brown’s comments come from several world leaders who congratulated Biden on his election success, although President Donald Trump has not yet yielded.

Brown’s statements about Biden’s ability to bring the nation together follow after the Democrat called this his wish.

He called on his supporters and those of his opponent Trump to “give each other a chance”.

“I promise to be a president who does not seek to divide but to unite,” he said in a recent speech. “Who sees not red and blue states, but the United States”.


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