Jobs “destroy” the community soccer field after volunteers have spent thousands.


Crosby Stuart FC, together with local community groups, spent thousands of pounds last year to breathe new life into the neglected fields.

Organizers of junior soccer clubs are devastated after “jobs” and bottle diggers “destroyed” their pitches.

Last year, the junior club, together with volunteers, tried to breathe new life into the fields.

Frankie said: “The site was in a bad condition. We were advised to move to a pitch in Southport, but we stayed where we are – at enormous cost to the club.

This included vandalism as well as incidents involving people digging up soil to find old bottles and other artifacts.

But club manager Frankie Meadows says the ongoing incidents of antisocial behavior are ruining a common room for everyone.

“One of the fields hadn’t been touched for a good 15 years, and the weeds were two meters high. It cost us £1500 to cut and wrap the weeds.

“I came on Saturday as a referee for a game for six-year-olds to find huge holes in the field, some of them filled with broken glass.

“You know what little children are like, they are curious. When they see holes, they want to go inside. It could have been so dangerous.”

Frankie says that the club in the fields of Brook Vale is a community run organization open to all.

The land that the club leases from Sefton Council is earmarked for a new locker room and toilet facilities and a café, and there are plans for lesiure activities for the elderly.

Frankie continued, “It’s not like we came and closed things up. Everyone is welcome.

“We spend a lot of time and money to make this place something that everyone enjoys. And in most cases the people who live in the local community are very helpful.

“The people in the social networks asked me if they are dirt holes – they are so big. But you can see that they are not, because the dug up mud is in a pile next to them.

“Now we have to look for ways to block the gaps in the trees and fences to keep people out, and we didn’t want to have to walk down that alley.

“But then there are jobs on scrambler bicycles demolishing the parking lots and people digging up the fields and leaving big holes.


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