ITV GMB-Doctor Hilary Jones warns against coronavirus vaccine after update.


The development of a vaccine usually takes years, often decades, but scientists working on potential coronavirus vaccines hope to achieve the same amount of work in a few months.

Dr. Hilary Jones called for basic coronavirus measures to be followed, as he provided insight into the mode of action of a potential vaccine.

The development of a vaccine usually takes years, often decades

Of the 44, nine are in the three-step clinical evaluation phase and are being administered to thousands of people to confirm safety and efficacy.

More than 200 vaccine candidates are in development worldwide, 44 of which are in clinical trials.

And most experts are optimistic that a vaccine will probably be available by mid 2021, which would be about 12-18 months after the first appearance of the new coronavirus.

An effective vaccine is a vaccine that can act against infection, disease or transmission – potentially keeping the Covid 19 pandemic under control.

he said: “This is the worst pandemic in over 100 years, we are still here, we cannot rely too much on a vaccine, we don’t know if it will be effective.

But Dr Hilary told viewers at Good Morning Britain that early vaccines can only save people from death, not infection.

“We hope it will save people when they die, but it probably won’t stop the infection, at least not the early vaccines, people are working on it around the world 24 hours a day.

“And I think we still have to rely on the basic principles: hands, face, space”…


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