ITV Emmerdale fans confused by Moira’s actions when Cain was kidnapped.


Mackenzie arrived in the Dales yesterday and said he wanted £5,000 for the damage Moira had done to her family all those years ago when she abandoned her family.

Emmerdale fans were confused tonight when Cain was kidnapped by Moira’s brother Mackenzie.

Viewers pointed to a simple solution to the farmer’s problem

Moria finally showed up in front of the building and said that she couldn’t get the 5,000 pounds, but had managed to scrape together 750 pounds.

Mackenzie told Cain about the pain Moira had caused and said he only wanted to get what he “owed.

To make sure Moira paid, he kidnapped Cain and put him in his boot before locking him up in a nearby abandoned farm building.

Brian said, “Why doesn’t Moira call the police?”

But Mackenzie said that wasn’t good enough and they went to the house to look for more money.

The audience were confused, however, why Moira had not simply called the police about her brother when he had kidnapped Cain.

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Bradley Coombes said, “Why didn’t Moira call the police?”

Cain managed to free himself from his shackles and showed up at the house to find Moira and Mackenzie fighting, with Mackenzie dropping the bomb that the couple’s mother had died.

And Chris P said, “Yes, because you definitely wouldn’t call the police.”

*Emmerdale continues on ITV Monday at 7 p.m.


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