Italy imposes strict new restrictions after increasing Covid infections.


The nation, which is a popular vacation destination for many Britons, was removed from England’s list of travel corridors earlier this month after a rise in coronavirus cases.

New restrictions have been introduced throughout Italy to curb the rise in coronavirus infections.

The country, which is a popular vacation destination for many Britons, has introduced a number of new rules

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has now insisted that people in the open air continue to wear masks while cinemas, gyms and swimming pools have been closed and an early curfew has been imposed on bars, cafés and restaurants.

Italy has also introduced a compulsory coronavirus test for arriving visitors from the UK.

The Office of Foreign Affairs, Commonwealth and Development currently advises British citizens against all but essential international travel.

“Our aim is to protect health and the economy,” Mr Conte said on Sunday.

The new decree comes into force on Monday and will remain in force until November 24.

Almost 20,000 new cases have crept in every day in the last few days.

The day before, Italy passed the half-million mark of confirmed coronavirus cases since February, when it was the first country in Europe to be affected.

Restaurant and bar owners had railed hard against the new measures, which have them closing daily at 6pm.

The PA reported that cafés and restaurants were allowed to reopen in the last few months after the spring ban, to dine outdoors or offer limited indoor seating.

Most restaurants in Italy generally do not even begin serving dinner before 8pm, so the restriction seriously reduces revenue.

Mr. Conte promised the food sector financial assistance from his centre-left government as early as November and noted that cafés and restaurants can deliver by midnight and take take-away orders.

Under the new rules, ski slopes are closed to all but competitive skiers, and all spectators are banned from entering stadiums during professional sports games, including soccer.

Receptions after religious or civil ceremonies such as weddings are prohibited.

No more than four guests per restaurant table are allowed before curfew, unless they are members of the same family.


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