Iraq seeks a way out of a new war with a plan to end the US’s “combat” mission.


Iraq seeks a way out of a new war with a plan to end the US’s “combat” mission.

Iraq is pursuing a strategy to avert yet another catastrophic civil war, despite concerns over the country’s continued US military presence. This website has learnt from a variety of specialists from both Iraq and the United States that it wants the United States to remove its combat soldiers while leaving staff for the training and advisory role in place.

However, those who are skeptical of Iraq’s ability to deal with threats such as those posed by the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) without direct U.S. support, as well as those who demand a complete U.S. military withdrawal from the country, have already expressed reservations about the proposed plan.

The fourth session of the US-Iraq Strategic Dialogue, the second under US President Joe Biden, is taking place in Washington, and all eyes are on the future of the US military presence in Iraq, especially as US forces depart Afghanistan.

Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein said in an interview with Voice of America before his meeting with Secretary of State Antony Blinken that his delegation “would discuss that American fighting forces are not necessary in Iraq at this juncture.”

He made it crystal obvious what he was saying.

“I believe we will achieve a deal on Friday, and then it will be stated that the (American) fighting force—I am referring to the fighting forces—will not remain in Iraq,” the top Iraqi official predicted. “However, how they will not remain and when they will leave is dependent on a timeframe agreed upon by both parties, as well as technological concerns and other aspects relating to the forces’ security.”

Senior Biden administration officials confirmed this the same day, saying that specifics would be released in a joint communique following Biden’s meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi on Monday.

“As this evolution continues, and as we formally end the combat mission and make clear that there are no American forces in the country,” one of the officials told reporters, “Iraq has requested, and we very much agree, that they require continued training; support with logistics, intelligence, and advisory capacity building—all of which will continue.”

The help of the US military remains a critical aspect of Iraq’s effort to keep the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) at bay. But. This is a condensed version of the information.


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