Iran is ready to sign a “good agreement.” The US will honor the agreement, but it is not in a hurry to do so.


Iran is ready to sign a “good agreement.” The US will honor the agreement, but it is not in a hurry to do so.

According to a report in Washington Newsday, an Iranian official said the country was willing to enter into a nuclear agreement if the US followed through on its commitments made during their initial deal six years ago.

Despite the fact that negotiations are dragging on in successive rounds, the Islamic Republic is not in a hurry to accept anything less.

“We want to reach a good agreement on the steps the US needs to take to return to JCPOA,” Shahrokh Nazemi, the head of the media office at Iran’s permanent mission to the United Nations, told Washington Newsday.

“By doing so, we are not in a rush to agree on something that is flawed,” he explained.

The remarks came as the fifth round of indirect talks between Iran and the United States ended Wednesday in Vienna, Austria, with China, the European Union, France, Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom serving as conduits.

The United States was a founding member of the 2015 agreement, but former President Donald Trump withdrew in 2018, imposing harsh sanctions on Tehran and those doing business with it.

Iran has suspended nuclear enrichment limits and threatened to sever cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency as a result of US-imposed economic sanctions.

Despite the fact that it has since extended a parliamentary-imposed deadline for IAEA inspections, political tensions in the country remain high as the presidential election next month approaches. The majority of the seven candidates vying to succeed President Hassan Rouhani are conservatives who have expressed reservations about the JCPOA, including frontrunner Chief Justice Ebrahim Raisi.

Nazemi, echoing analysts interviewed by Washington Newsday recently, said the race would have no impact on Tehran’s commitments.

“The outcome of Iran’s presidential election has no bearing on the ongoing talks in Vienna,” Nazemi said.

He stated that the outcome of the talks would be determined by Washington’s actions.

“The attitude and willingness of the United States to move away from failed policies in the past will have the greatest impact on the success of the negotiations,” Nazemi said. “There is a widespread consensus across the Iranian system on our approach towards JCPOA.”

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