Inside the walls of a pub, a time capsule from 1973 was discovered.


Inside the walls of a pub, a time capsule from 1973 was discovered.

Inside the walls of a Somerset, England bar, a stunning find exposes exactly how much has changed in the last fifty years.

The Duke of Cumberland tavern, now called as Holcombe Farmshop & Kitchen, was undergoing renovations when workers discovered a cigar box filled with antiquities left by a former owner in the 1970s, according to Somerset Live.

Toby Brett, the current owner, said, “It was really great, the prior owner just wanted to leave something for us, a present from 1973.”

A photo of the time capsule’s contents, shared to Holcombe Farmshop & Kitchen’s Instagram account, displays an array of treasures, including “ancient pricing lists for cigarettes” and a pay slip indicating a £1 per hour rate, according to Somerset Live. A message from the previous owner, Eric Pockson, was also included in the box, addressed to whoever discovered it: “To the present owner from a past owner,” it reads. “Wishing you luck.” The year is 1973, and the date is July 13th.

Brett was interviewed on BBC Radio Somerset’s Breakfast on Friday, where he discussed the “many antiquities” discovered at the bar. “At the time, the landlord was named Eric Pockson,” Brett explained. “Before returning to England, he was a retired captain from the Indian Army.”

He added, “There are numerous tiny notes, as well as numerous now-discontinued halfpennies and a price list for various kinds of cars.” A top-tier sports car would have cost around £1,500 at the time, according to Brett, but that was also the bar owner’s annual salary.

The artifacts will be on exhibit at the current edition of the bar and restaurant, according to Brett. “We decided to construct an exhibit on the floor, so we encased it in resin and placed it where people can view it.”

“Because there was so much stuff, we constructed a display for it and put it in the windows, and it’s gotten a lot of attention…

People are always clustered around this window, admiring the excellent finds.”

Brett told Somerset Live that he’s excited to be able to share the contents of the time capsule with his neighbors. “We were so happy that we put all of the things in a glass display in the pub so that our customers and the rest of the community could see them.” This is a condensed version of the information.


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