Incredible Video Captures a Moment A mother squirrel saves her baby who has been kidnapped by a crow.


Incredible Video Captures a Moment A mother squirrel saves her baby who has been kidnapped by a crow.

A heartwarming video has gone viral showing a mother squirrel rescuing a child who had been tossed to the ground by a crow.

“My boyfriend and I were walking down the street when all of a sudden a crow dumps a newborn squirrel from the sky right in front of us,” TikTok user @kristi.ktok posted. The video, which you can watch here, has over six million views since it was posted in late April.

The video starts with a newborn squirrel attempting to move and making loud screeching noises on the side of the road.

An older squirrel went through a few moments later, seemingly unfazed by the struggling infant at first, then came to a halt on the other side of the road. “Are you serious?” I inquire. Off-camera, Kristi says, “She just rushed away?”

She added, “Not only was the crow trying to return, but there was also a cat coming for the baby squirrel,” adding that they had scared both the cat and the crow away seconds before to protect the infant.

Fortunately, the elder squirrel changed her mind and ran up to the infant, taking it up and safely keeping it in her mouth before fleeing.

“Oh my god, I’m so happy,” Kristi exclaimed.


So grateful we were able to assist in the rescue of a #babysquirrel #happystory #nature #iwillalwaysloveyou #fyp

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The video of the rescue is touching enough on its own, but many people in the comments speculated that they saw a squirrel adopting an abandoned squirrel. One user remarked, “I wonder if that’s the mom or just another squirrel who just adopted it.”

Squirrels sometimes adopt abandoned pups, according to a 2010 study conducted by the University of Guelph in collaboration with experts from the University of Alberta and McGill University. However, they discovered that this only occurs when the squirrels are related, and that it is more likely due to the older squirrel’s desire to pass on its genetics than to intrinsic compassion.

According to the findings, squirrels learn who their relatives are based on their distinct noises, and if they don’t hear them for a few days, they may examine why.

We believe they will remember if they come across pups in the territory. This is a condensed version of the information.


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