In the midst of criticism of the Tokyo Olympics, a man was arrested for distributing anti-Olympic flyers from a train.


In the midst of criticism of the Tokyo Olympics, a man was arrested for distributing anti-Olympic flyers from a train.

In Japan, a man was jailed for spreading fliers protesting the choice to hold the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo despite the country’s ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

The flyers were apparently thrown out the window of a train in Tokyo on Friday by Yuji Usui, 59, of Nagoya, according to the Japan Times. A police officer who happened to be on the same train as him apprehended him.

He was arrested on suspicion of forcible obstruction of business after admitting to dumping the posters.

Similar flyers have lately been discovered near train stations in Tokyo, according to Tokyo police. Investigations are currently underway to see if Usui was also involved in the distribution of those flyers, or if they were just coincidences.

Due to the early development of the COVID-19 epidemic last year, the Tokyo Summer Olympics were postponed from 2020 to 2021, an extraordinary decision. Despite the availability of efficient vaccines, the decision to hold the Games this year has garnered criticism and anger from the Japanese public, who are still dealing with an increase in the number of cases. According to the Japan Times, the number of daily new cases in Tokyo reached 1,979 on Thursday, the highest in six months.

Japanese citizens have been protesting not only for health and safety reasons, but also for financial reasons. The Olympic Games are notoriously costly for any host country, and many in Japan believe that this money should be used to support public health organizations and aid in the fight against the pandemic.

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the National Stadium and Harujuku Station on Friday for the opening ceremony. According to The Washington Post, chants of “Go to hell, Olympics” and “Go to hell, [International Olympic Committee]” were heard. “IOC is greedy like a devil,” “Olympians are selfish like a child,” “Tokyo Olympics are humiliation of the world,” and “Refuse the Olympic Games!” were among the signs displayed.

Olympic protesters have blocked one of Tokyo’s main streets, Harajuku. Police are clearing the road for them and shouting over megaphones for motorists to move over.

July 23, 2021 — Michelle Ye Hee Lee (@myhlee)

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