In the aftermath of a deadly hate crime, Canadian lawmakers pass a motion calling for an emergency summit on Islamophobia.


In the aftermath of a deadly hate crime, Canadian lawmakers pass a motion calling for an emergency summit on Islamophobia.

Following a tragic hate crime in which four Muslim family members were slain and a fifth was gravely injured, Canadian parliamentarians passed a motion urging that the government convene an emergency summit on Islamophobia by the end of January.

Less than a week after a vehicle mounted a sidewalk and slammed into a family on a stroll in London, Ontario, members of Parliament unanimously passed a motion from the New Democratic Party (NDP) in the House of Commons on Friday.

The non-binding motion was introduced by London-Fanshawe MP Lindsay Mathyseen, who stated that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the liberal administration needed to do more to eliminate prejudice towards Muslims in Canada.

“A Muslim family went for a walk, like have so many other families and individuals in this country, and this family did not return home due of hatred. In a press release, Mathyssen stated, “No one should ever feel unsafe in their town or neighborhood.”

Salman Afzaal, 46, his wife, Madiha, 44, his 15-year-old daughter, Yumnah, and his 74-year-old mother were killed in an automobile accident on Sunday. Fayez, Afzaal’s 9-year-old son, is in stable condition in a hospital.

The family was allegedly targeted because of their Islamic faith, according to police.

On Monday, London Police Deputy Superintendent Paul Waight told reporters, “There is evidence that this was a planned, calculated attack motivated by hate.”

Since a man gunned down six members of a Quebec City mosque in 2017, the incident was the worst targeting Muslims in Canada.

“The liberal government must do more than send condolence messages,” Mathyssen remarked. “After the Quebec City mosque incident and the stabbing at a Toronto mosque, they did not address the endemic hatred in our country. We will, unfortunately, see another one if they do nothing after this week’s tragedy.”

Trudeau expressed his “horror” after learning of the attack and offered condolences to the family and Muslim communities across Canada.

“Islamophobia has no place in any of our communities. This hate is insidious and despicable—and it must stop,” the prime minster tweeted.

But despite the motion’s unanimous support, the NDP said it is only the beginning.

“Canada needs to urgently address our problem of white supremacy and far right radicalisation. We cannot give. This is a brief summary.


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