In October, an Israeli humanitarian group secretly evacuated 125 Afghans.


In October, an Israeli humanitarian group secretly evacuated 125 Afghans.

According to a statement released Wednesday by IsraAID, an Israeli non-governmental organization (NGO), the organisation assisted in the evacuation of 125 refugees from Afghanistan earlier in October.

“Judges, cyclists, journalists, TV presenters, human rights advocates, family members of Afghan diplomats, artists, law enforcement officers, scientists, and more,” the NGO said.

The immigrants were transferred to Albania by IsraAID, which is located 2,600 miles from Afghanistan on the Balkan Peninsula.

They joined roughly 1,000 other Afghan refugees in Albania at the time.

The evacuees were “considered particularly vulnerable under Taliban rule,” according to IsraAID, and “many of the women and girls among them have served as symbols of female empowerment and leadership.”

IsraAID has aided at-risk Afghans fleeing the country for the second time in two months. The NGO previously evacuated 42 women and girls to the United Arab Emirates on September 6. (UAE).

The 167 refugees from the September and October operations, according to the humanitarian organization, will be re-settled for the long term in a variety of countries, including France, Canada, and Switzerland.

Prior to that, IsraAID has promised to do an initial needs assessment in Albania. They’ll “evaluate access to critical services and prepare to give continuous aid to Afghan refugees in Albania,” they’ll say. According to a story in the New York Times, Albania has agreed to take in over 4,000 Afghan migrants. Albania is one of Europe’s poorest countries, and the country is still recuperating from a huge earthquake that struck the country in 2019.

In a news release, IsraAID’s director, Yotam Polizer, stated that the NGO would do everything possible to assist Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban.

“At IsraAID, we respond to humanitarian crises all throughout the world, including trying to help refugees integrate,” Polizer added. “We stand with our partners and team members on the ground who fought diligently to make this happen.” “We would want to express our gratitude to the governments of Albania and the United Arab Emirates for their hospitality and willingness to facilitate safe passage out of Afghanistan for these vulnerable people,” Polizer said. This is a condensed version of the information.


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