In India’s capital, security is tightening in response to a new farmers’ protest.


In India’s capital, security is tightening in response to a new farmers’ protest.

On Thursday, tens of thousands of security personnel were deployed around New Delhi in response to farmer rallies continuing a campaign against government agriculture reforms.

Authorities only allowed 200 farmers into the capital after a previous gathering devolved into a fight.

As the farmers were transported to the protest location in buses, police mounted barricades and roadblocks throughout Delhi.

Farmers have promised to hold a protest every day of the parliament session, which concludes on August 13.

“We will demonstrate here as long as parliament is in session. We will sit and hold our own ‘farmer’s parliament’ wherever we are stopped and there are barricades,” said Devinder Singh, one of the farmers.

A Punjabi actor and activist, Sonia Mann, was also among the 200. “You must worry about the plight of the farmers and you must remove the three agriculture laws,” she yelled at Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Opposition MPs launched their own protest in parliament, demanding for the removal of the laws that have split the 1.3 billion-strong country.

Farmers and opposition parties claim the changes will hand over control of India’s agriculture industry to private companies, putting many small farms out of business.

The administration claims that the measures will increase farmers’ revenues by permitting them to sell their goods on open markets, which has been suspended since the protests began in November.

Farmers have been camped on the outskirts of Delhi since November, in what has been Modi’s most serious challenge since taking office in 2014.

Thousands of farmers clashed with police in January, driving tractors through security barriers in a citywide rampage that killed one farmer and injured over 400 officers.


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