In a viral video, a political candidate is chastised for allegedly destroying a late teen’s memorial.


In a viral video, a political candidate is chastised for allegedly destroying a late teen’s memorial.

A former political candidate was publicly ridiculed online after appearing to trash items at a memorial for a teen who had recently died in a devastating vehicle accident.

According to Devon Live, Brigitte Graham, a “heartless” former UKIP candidate, was filmed throwing out bouquets and cards left at the scene of a horrible automobile tragedy that killed 18-year-old Vinnie Dennis last Sunday in East Budleigh, England.

Shortly later, a video of the “insensitive” incident surfaced on social media. Viewers on Reddit’s r/imapieceofs**t site were particularly taken with the footage.

A woman destroys a flower tribute for a girl who died in a vehicle accident recently. imatotalpeiceofshit (imatotalpeiceofshit)

A worried citizen approaches Graham as she appears to put a bouquet into the trash bin in the beginning of the video. He tells Brigitte, “You can’t do this without [the family’s]approval.” “It’s inexcusable.”

“It’s not about the council,” the nameless man filming retorts as Graham inquires about whether this was a request “from the council.” It’s about those who are bereaved.”

Another witness cries from offscreen, “People are grieving!”

“You won’t be able to accomplish it,” the man continues. “It isn’t your responsibility, and it isn’t your territory.”

Though the man demands a response, Graham ignores him and continues picking out flower arrangements to throw away.

“Why do you think it’s acceptable to do this?” the man filming asks. “What are you going to do with the cards and the wine [not seen in the video]?”

“Wait and see what I do with the cards,” she retorts. “Wait and see.”

As the man threatens to call up the grieving neighbors who left cards behind at the memorial, Graham becomes aggravated and begins hitting the electrical pole near the trash bin.

“It’s not for you to do!” the man adds before the video ends, as Graham returns to the task of dismantling the memorial.

Reddit viewers were outraged that someone with no affiliation to Dennis or his family would behave so “callously.”

“Can’t imagine what kind of miserable life you had to have to lead up to being this kind of person,” one angry viewer wrote. “Wrong just wrong it’s [someone’s] life that’s just passed and [you]just wanna chuck all the tributes in the bin like that… sort ya s**t. This is a brief summary.


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