In a video that has been viewed over ten million times, a bride is said to be enraged at a ‘embarrassing’ wedding gift.


In a video that has been viewed over ten million times, a bride is said to be enraged at a ‘embarrassing’ wedding gift.

This bride appreciates the finer aspects of life.

A video of an Indian wedding has gone popular on Facebook, and it looks that the bride is unhappy with a present she received to commemorate her nuptials.

Banty Thakur shared the video on Facebook, referring to the bride as his “sister-in-law” in the caption. Despite the fact that it was first uploaded in early June, it has only recently gone viral, with over 10 million views and nearly 320,000 likes.

As the bride and groom appear to unwrap wedding gifts from their guests, the short clip begins. The bride, dressed in traditional Indian makeup and clothing, opens a wrapped gift to find what appears to be a baby bottle for feeding infants.

The bride is seen fuming at someone off-camera and throwing the boxed bottle away, presumably dissatisfied with the offering. While she looks to sulk and re-arrange her clothes, her spouse smiles beside her.

Offscreen, someone retrieves the broken bottle and replaces it in the bride’s lap. The unknown hand removes the gift from the frame as she turns away, apparently irritated. The bride appears to be upset towards the end of the video.

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The baby bottle was a gift from the groom’s buddies, according to The India Times, who wanted to “poke fun at the wedded pair.” While the groom and his friends found the gift amusing, the bride allegedly did not, calling it “embarrassing.”

The nameless bride isn’t the only one caught up in the online wedding saga. Another shocking viral video shows a bride’s videographer capturing the awkward moment her groom’s ex-girlfriend alluded to her on the wedding day. Before the entire wedding party burst out laughing, the bride reportedly looked over to her groom, scrunching her nose up and smiling.

Another woman in India allegedly called police and told them she had called off her wedding minutes before she was supposed to marry her fiancé. This is a condensed version of the information.


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