In a new propaganda poster for Taiwan, China’s military warns, “Prepare for War.”


In a new propaganda poster for Taiwan, China’s military warns, “Prepare for War.”

As part of a new propaganda campaign directed at Taiwan, the Chinese military has issued a flurry of photos and videos depicting battle-ready troops in training exercises.

The People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) 80th Group Army’s information arm released articles with stern warnings for “splittists” and a poster that stated “prepare for war.” On Wednesday, users of China’s prominent social media platforms Weibo and WeChat widely shared the ad content.

Soldiers from China’s 80th Group Army, based in the coastal state of Shandong, were also seen taking part in a brigade swearing-in event. Photographs showed uniformed soldiers carrying rifles forming a line beneath a stage.

According to propaganda literature, the brigade vowed to “follow all commands” and “fear no challenges,” as well as to “fight for dignity without fear of death.”

The 80th Group Army’s Political Work Department, which is in charge of gathering intelligence and influencing activities, created a series of social media posts.

Voice of the Strait, a group of five PLA radio stations situated in Fuzhou, Fujian province, made a music video that was broadcast exclusively for Taiwanese listeners.

“Want to be a splittist?” is the title of the music video. “Listen here!” included infantry, tanks, and rockets exploding.

The show was performed in Mandarin and the Southern Min dialect, both of which are widely spoken in Taiwan, which the Chinese government claims as its territory despite never having administered it.

The otherwise pointed propaganda campaign, on the other hand, may not have targeted Taiwanese citizens as its major target audience. According to the current research, the clear threats and jingoistic images come during a wave of domestic outrage directed toward Taipei, and could be intended to soothe local discontent.

After the Taiwanese government met three US senators in Taipei for a brief but high-profile visit on Sunday, China’s Foreign and Defense Ministries found their social media accounts filled with accusations about perceived passivity.

Senators Tammy Duckworth (D-IL), Dan Sullivan (R-AK) and Chris Coons (D-DE) arrived in. This is a brief summary.


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