If the UK and EU are unable to reach a trade agreement, EU President says sanctions are an option.


If the UK and EU are unable to reach a trade agreement, EU President says sanctions are an option.

Tensions are building in Northern Ireland as the UK continues to delay implementing its Brexit agreement strategies, resulting in supply shortages, and the EU has threatened sanctions if the UK and EU fail to strike an agreement.

According to the Associated Press, European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen said there are measures under the Brexit deal that the EU might use to find a solution. Referring the trade issue to an arbitration panel, which might result in financial fines against the United Kingdom, or imposing punitive taxes on imports from the United Kingdom, are among the choices.

The “Northern Ireland Protocol” was adopted to preserve free commerce between Republic Ireland, which is still a member of the EU, and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom, even after the United Kingdom left the EU.

The EU’s principal priority, according to Von der Leyen, is to fully implement the Brexit plans, and the EU is “committed to do all possible to maintain peace and stability on the island of Ireland.” It is critical that the protocol be treated with great respect and that we safeguard it.”

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As tensions over trade with Northern Ireland increase, top European Union officials pledged Thursday to use all available measures to ensure that the United Kingdom abides by the terms of its Brexit agreement with the bloc.

“It is critical that we carry out our decisions. President of the European Council, Charles Michel, stated, “This is a concern of rule of law.” “We will use all of the tools at our disposal to ensure that our interests are protected and the integrity of the single market is preserved.”

Michel and von der Leyen will meet with U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the sidelines of a Group of Seven major countries summit in England in an attempt to calm the crisis.

The dispute is upon clauses of the Brexit agreement that effectively established a regulatory border between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. This infuriated many pro-British people of the area, who are opposed to anything that jeopardizes their status as British subjects.

The protocol requires Britain to check certain goods shipped to the region from elsewhere in the U.K.

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