Hundreds take to the streets in Kandahar to protest Taliban evictions.


Hundreds take to the streets in Kandahar to protest Taliban evictions.

Hundreds of protestors from a Kandahar neighborhood populated by former Afghan army soldiers marched against Taliban plans to expel them from their houses on Tuesday.

The Taliban had ordered residents of Zara Ferqa, a suburb made mainly of government houses and dilapidated huts, to evacuate, but they had nowhere else to go.

According to one homeowner, they were told to leave their homes and hand them over to Taliban forces.

According to locals, the area is home to around 10,000 individuals, many of them are widows or wives of servicemen killed or wounded in action against the Taliban in the last 20 years.

Despite the Taliban’s ban on illegal protests after taking control on August 15, the crowd — mostly men and youths, with some women, many of whom were burqa-clad – flocked to the streets.

Taliban guards harassed and abused reporters covering the march on Tuesday, according to some correspondents.

Kandahar is Afghanistan’s second-largest city, as well as the spiritual stronghold and birthplace of the Taliban organization.

The governor of Kandahar has temporarily halted any evictions in response to the protests until the topic can be reviewed with community elders.

According to a statement, not all of the housing was provided by the government, and other homes were built by private citizens.


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