Hundreds gather in Washington to protest the Cuban government.


Hundreds gather in Washington to protest the Cuban government.

Hundreds of Cuban Americans, political refugees, and activists marched through the streets of Washington, D.C. on Monday to condemn the Cuban government’s assault on anti-communist protests earlier this month.

Cubans from all throughout the United States gathered outside the White House, holding “freedom” placards and Cuban and American flags, demanding that President Joe Biden take action against the island’s leadership.

Human rights organizations accuse Cuba’s rulers of deploying censorship and terror tactics to suppress historic anti-government gatherings — the largest since Fidel Castro’s revolution in 1959.

Carlos Rodriguez, 29, who travelled down from Miami to offer his support, stated, “We chose to come to catch the attention of the American people.”

Elena Cruz, 32, a Florida-based realtor who left Cuba at the age of 16, said, “We need (the White House) to proclaim the Cuban regime illegitimate.”

On July 11, a wave of protests erupted across Cuba, sparked by economic hardship, medical and food shortages, and discontent with the leadership.

Hundreds of people were arrested and charged with contempt, public disruption, destruction, and careless conduct in the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak after clashes with police left one person dead.

Internet disruptions made it difficult for families to communicate throughout the crackdown.

Rodriguez was able to contact his Cuban family, who support the protestors but are reluctant to speak out publicly.

He explained, “We’re simply peacefully here demonstrating, as we have the right to do in this nation.” “It isn’t available in Cuba.”

Several foreigners shared personal accounts of the Communist Party’s repression.

Kiele Cabrera, a 24-year-old Miami resident, spoke up in honor of her father and grandmother, both of whom were persecuted for speaking out against the regime.

“Everyone here has an intense narrative like mine, and we still have people on the island who have been persecuted for whatever many years,” she said.

The march, which finished outside the Cuban Embassy, was timed to coincide with Cuba’s Day of the Revolution, a national event commemorating Fidel Castro’s initial attack on the Batista regime.

The US has expressed its support for the Cuban people by sanctioning Cuba’s defense minister last week.

Biden cautioned that the sanctions are only the beginning of the government’s actions against the Communist Party.

“As we hold the Cuban regime accountable, we pledge our unshakable support for the Cuban people,” he stated.


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