He ruined our lives,” says his daughter with a broken heart when her father’s murderer is locked up.


The amputee Michael Mairs was brutally attacked by Daniel Sharples, who kicked him hard on the head and face while he was partially unconscious on the floor.

A heartbroken daughter whose vulnerable wheelchair-bound father was murdered by a martial artist said her “whole world has changed completely”.

“I will love and miss my father forever and I hope that Daniel Sharples knows that he ruined many lives that day, including my own”.

The well-built, muscle-bound father tried to convince the detectives that Mr. Mairs had supplied his 15-year-old son with spice or heroin and left him in a coma, but that was a complete lie.

Today, Sharples was sentenced to life in Liverpool Crown Court for the downtown Warrington murder, and served at least 21 years behind bars.

The 38-year-old even knocked his elder victim out of his wheelchair as his anger raged on homeless people or people with difficulties, such as Mr. Mair’s alcoholism.

In a statement about the impact on the victim, she said: “It is so hard to put into words the impact our father’s death had on me and my brother, every time I try to write this statement, it is just a reminder of the trauma of the past year that I have to relive every single day.

Kadie Mairs, Michael’s 31-year-old daughter, said that the actions of Sharples have ruined the lives of many people.

“I feel like a different person and that every opportunity to graduate or to say goodbye to my father and normally grieve was stolen from me.

“No words can describe how I feel; my whole world has changed completely.

“One of the worst things I can’t explain is how my father was killed because he was viciously attacked.

“You only realize how important this is when it is too late.

“He was a vulnerable man in a wheelchair, and it is devastating to know that he would not have been able to defend himself in any way.

“He did not deserve that.

“It’s incredibly painful to feel that my father might have died without really knowing how much people loved him and cared for him because I didn’t get a chance to tell him.

“I only hope that he knew that he was loved unconditionally by me, my brother and those close to him.

“There was all kinds of speculation, gossip and just untrue things that were written about my father because of this attack and which were so hurtful to read.


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