Government scientists say that the second wave of coronavirus could be more deadly than the first.


About 25,000 people could be in hospital with corona viruses by the end of next month if the cases continue to rise, warned the former chief scientific adviser to the government.

The prime minister is said to have been warned that the second wave of the corona virus could be more deadly than the first.

Experts have been lobbying the government to take more drastic measures

And Professor Neil Ferguson, whose modelling triggered the UK-wide ban in March, told the PA news agency that restrictions in Tier 2 and Tier 3 areas of England “are unlikely to lead to a rapid decline in the daily cases and deaths”.

Professor Sir Mark Walport suggested that the death toll would continue to rise as “there are still a great many people who are vulnerable” and relatively few people have had the virus.

A projection by government scientists suggests that the death toll could remain high throughout the winter and lead to more deaths than in the spring, when the 61,000 mark was exceeded.

He said the model calculations indicate that this could leave the country “by spring 2021” with a “high number” of Covid cases, a high need for medical care and deaths.

The paper said that it has led to intense lobbying by experts, including Chief Scientific Advisor Sir Patrick Valance, to take more drastic action.

Downing Street did not reject the analysis of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage) that The Telegraph had seen.

A “well-placed source” told them: “This time it will be worse, more deaths.

“This is the projection that was presented to the Prime Minister, and he is now under great pressure to close again”.


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