Gogglebox Pete Sandiford transforms for Halloween with hilarious results.


In today’s show, Pete and Sophie sat down in front of the TV to comment on the best shows of the week.

Gogglebox star Pete Sandiford has taken the nation and his sister Sophie by storm tonight as he transformed for Halloween.

The TV star has abandoned his sister Sophie.

Pete said, “I’m going to have to take these heels off, I don’t know how women do it.

Sophie cried when Pete walked through the door wearing glittery high heels, fishnet tights, a black leather mini skirt, a black body and a curly wig.

But before they settled down for television, Pete changed for Halloween.

She said, “This is a good time to tell you we’re not doing anything.”

Sophie was quick to take a photo of him saying “brilliant” before revealing that he had dressed up for nothing.

And viewers at home couldn’t believe the star’s transformation and rushed to the social media to comment on his costume.

And Pete said, “You told me we were having a Halloween zoom party.”

Michelle said, “Wow Pete’s costume.”

JR said, “Oh, my God, Pete.”

@potatocouch said, “Omg Pete on # gogglebox is such a laugh.”

Philip said, “Oh my God, Pete. I’m yelling at Pete.”

And Carole Bowe said, “Pete rocks absolutely rockin’ # Halloween on # gogglebox tonight.”


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