Germany accuses China of distributing COVID vaccines in response to “very clear political demands.”


Germany accuses China of distributing COVID vaccines in response to “very clear political demands.”

On Tuesday, Germany accused China of giving COVID-19 vaccines in exchange for “quite explicit political objectives.”

According to the Associated Press, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas’ criticism of China comes as the International Red Cross warned this week of a “widening global vaccine disparity” and urged wealthy nations must speed up their fulfillment of global vaccine distribution obligations. Maas also accused Russia of using vaccination distribution for political purposes.

“We see, particularly in China, that vaccine supply has also been utilized to make very clear political demands of various countries,” Maas added.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has questioned worldwide vaccine inequities, citing the prevalence of the delta variation, which was initially detected in India, in many Asian countries.

“The Russians and the Chinese cannot continue to conduct their tricky vaccine diplomacy in this manner, which serves only to strengthen their own power and not necessarily to save people’s lives in the first place,” Maas stated, without elaborating.

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As several Asian countries confront the worst outbreak of COVID-19 infections in history, the slow delivery of vaccine doses from around the world is now picking up speed, bringing hope that immunization rates will rise and help blunt the impact of the quickly spreading delta form.

With many vaccine pledges yet unfulfilled and infection rates rising across many countries, experts believe more needs to be done to assist countries dealing with hospital overcrowding and oxygen and other key supplies shortages.

Indonesia, which has become a major hot zone with record high infections and deaths, received 1.5 million doses of the Moderna vaccine on Thursday afternoon.

The supply from the United States followed 3 million more American tablets that landed on Sunday, as well as 11.7 million AstraZeneca doses that have arrived in phases since March under the United Nations-backed COVAX mechanism, the most recent of which arrived earlier this week.

“It’s quite encouraging,” said Sowmya Kadandale, UNICEF’s health chief in Indonesia, who is in charge of the distribution of COVAX vaccines. “It appears to be a race now, and not only in Indonesia, between vaccines and variations, and I hope we win.”

The world’s vaccine inequities have been criticized by many. This is a condensed version of the information.


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