For the official graduation ceremony, a student submits a photo of herself ‘pooping.’


For the official graduation ceremony, a student submits a photo of herself ‘pooping.’

After submitting a humorous photo of herself for her online graduation ceremony, a student has been dubbed a “legend.”

Ruby Coles, a bachelor of social work honors graduate, acknowledged she had no idea her classmates would take the occasion so seriously.

Coles videotaped the virtual event on her TV screen and uploaded it to TikTok on Tuesday.

A slideshow is being presented, with a voice giving out the names of her fellow students as a photo emerges beside their major.

The two women in front of Coles had professional-looking photographs of themselves in a traditional portrait posture with flawless hair and make-up.

They individually took pictures in front of a nice backdrop, and one of them is even holding a bunch of flowers.

Cole is shown gazing down at the camera with a screwed-up grimace on her make-up-free face and her hair brushed back as the slide changes to her.

“I finished university today, and they let us bring in images for virtual convocation,” Coles captioned the video. I had no idea how serious everyone would take it.”


When I took that #firsttiktok #zoomuniversity #University, I’m quite sure I was literally pooping.

Ruby Coles’ original sound

Cole added, “I’m not sorry,” as her face flashed over the screen.

Coles wrote, ostensibly clarifying her face, “I’m pretty sure I was actually pooping when I took that.”

In the background of the video, believed to have been produced by Lakehead University in Canada, she can be heard giggling as her name is called.

Her clip has proved a hit online, as people praised her for her bold choice of photograph.

Megan Hamm wrote: “Why do I feel like they paused on your picture for an extra second?”

“Well you won’t be forgotten that’s for sure.” Luketok pointed out.

Leila simply said: “Lol so iconic.”

Grey admitted: “I would be so proud as a parent.”

Mel thought: “I can imagine the person putting these slides together laughing.”

Clive Bennett raved: “Literally couldn’t stop laughing, thank you, hilarious.”

Someone who calls themself TikTok reckoned: “Honestly I feel it’s fitting for your degree. I’m sure by the end of a career all social workers look like that.”

Viv joked: “The way they didn’t even ask if you. This is a brief summary.


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