Following the Putin meeting, Joe Biden sides with the US, unlike Trump after the Helsinki summit.


Following the Putin meeting, Joe Biden sides with the US, unlike Trump after the Helsinki summit.

Unlike the drama that engulfed former President Donald Trump at his 2018 summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, when President Joe Biden met with his Russian counterpart for the first time on Wednesday, he put on a very different show.

At what both presidents say is a “low point” in the US-Russia relationship, Biden and Putin met in Geneva this week to discuss issues ranging from ransomware to human rights concerns.

While Trump and Putin did not hold a joint press conference following their meeting, as they did three years ago in Helsinki, Biden spoke to reporters about the “constructive” encounter.

The American president stated unequivocally that he would support the United States over Russia and all other nations, a marked contrast to Trump’s surprising remarks following his own conference with Putin.

“I assured President Putin that my agenda is neutral and does not include Russia or anyone else. It’s for the people of the United States,” Biden stated on Tuesday.

“It appears that we were speaking the same language. It doesn’t mean we stared into each other’s eyes and discovered a soul mate or promised eternal friendship,” he continued.

Trump stunned reporters and the world in 2018 when he famously sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin over US intelligence agencies, stating he would not accept Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

“President Putin says it’s not Russia,” Trump responded when asked if he believed Russia or his own intelligence agency was behind the alleged election meddling. I don’t understand why that would be the case.”

Instead of defending US intelligence agencies, as most Americans anticipated Trump to do at the time, he remarked, “I hold both countries culpable.” The United States, in my opinion, has made a mistake. I believe we’ve all made mistakes…. I believe we’re all to blame.”

While Trump backtracked on some of his remarks the next day, arguing that he had misspoken due to a double-negative and that he did in fact support his own intelligence community, the joint press conference sparked uproar back home from both Democrats and Republicans alike.

The idea of “moral equivalence” between the two countries was rejected by then-House Speaker Paul Ryan, while. This is a condensed version of the information.


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