Following a DUI stop, a teen loses his driver’s license 30 minutes after receiving it.


Following a DUI stop, a teen loses his driver’s license 30 minutes after receiving it.

The joy of obtaining a driver’s license was short-lived for a teenager in France who tested positive for drugs during a traffic arrest after only having a valid license for 30 minutes.

The 18-year-old from L’Isle-d’Abeau in Isère’s southeast region was relishing the freedom of becoming a newly licensed driver on the open road, a rite of passage for any young person.

He was stopped in his Citroen Xsara near the A43 motorway entrance in Villefontaine, about 20 miles southeast of Lyon, for a routine search, and officers asked him to display his driver’s license.

He clarified that he had only passed his driver’s test three days prior and had obtained online assurance that he was permitted to drive.

He had the freedom to drive without the hard copy of the license, according to Le Dauphiné Libéré, so there was no problem there. Following a database search, the officers discovered that he had only been allowed to drive for 30 minutes.

But that’s when he got himself into trouble. He tested positive for cocaine and cannabis in a saliva test administered by the police.

It could not have been a more disastrous start to a young man’s driving career, as the positive test resulted in him losing his license and risking getting it revoked entirely.

Drivers with a probationary license in France start with six points, while those with a license for more than three years start with twelve. According to, points are withheld for offenses based on the severity of the incident.

According to Le Figaro, driving under the influence of drugs resulted in the young man losing all six points on his license and a fine of 600 euros (nearly $735). However, he could have gotten off lightly, as fines would result in a fine of 4,500 euros (roughly $5,500) and a two-year prison sentence.

“Without a doubt, one of the fastest lost driver’s licenses in France’s history,” wrote, adding that the driver was fortunate to have his license suspended rather than revoked following the incident on May 12.

In 2019, nearly a quarter (23%) of deaths on French roads were caused by. This is a condensed version of the information.


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