FDA to Hold Crunch Talks Over J&J and Moderna Vaccine Boosters, according to COVID Live Updates.


FDA to Hold Crunch Talks Over J&J and Moderna Vaccine Boosters, according to COVID Live Updates.

Over the course of Thursday and Friday, a Food and Drug Administration advisory council will debate whether to support booster doses of both the Johnson & Johnson and Moderna COVID-19 vaccinations.

The choice is considered as critical for both corporations and the Biden administration’s vaccine rollout program, but scientific data is only one part of the tale and may be interpreted in a variety of ways, as it always is in politics. So far, studies suggest that mixing and matching boosters will work at least as well as single-shot J&J users, if not better, but the FDA panel is split on the issue.

Meanwhile, state and federal lawmakers continue to spar over vaccine mandates, with Texas Governor Greg Abbott attempting to defy a court order requiring all federal workers to be fully vaccinated, a California judge blocking the measure for unionized prison staff, and an ongoing debate over mandatory vaccinations for Southwest Airlines pilots.

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Pilots should not be concerned about the COVID vaccine’s ‘career-ending adverse effects,’ according to Fauci.

President Biden’s main medical adviser warned Tuesday that the potential health repercussions of catching COVID-19 should be considerably more concerning to airline pilots than any chance of vaccine side effects.

We have examples of persons who have had COVID and experienced an unexplained but substantial impact on their capacity to function normally. They may not all be pilots, but there are some.

A hurting arm, a low-grade fever, and other mild flu-like symptoms that last only a few days are common side effects of all immunizations.

FAuci Warns Vaccine-Averse Pilots: Getting COVID Should Be a Bigger Concern

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Officials from the Food and Drug Administration are set to meet today to begin a 48-hour debate on whether to suggest COVID booster doses for the Johnson & Johnson and Moderna vaccines.

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