Fashionista Shares a ‘Wonderful’ Way to Try on Clothes While Shopping Online


Fashionista Shares a ‘Wonderful’ Way to Try on Clothes While Shopping Online

A fashion aficionado has come up with a “brilliant” way to electronically try on garments, which some believe will permanently revolutionize online buying.

Buying anything on the internet is risky, but at least now you can see how things fit before adding them to your cart.

Fashion business start-up Merald posted a series of videos to its @meraldpopup TikTok page, explaining that they just print a photo of themselves and cut out the item they wish to try on.

Needless to say, they’ve matched the proportions to their laptop, allowing their 2D version to try on hundreds of styles while browsing the websites of various brands.

Their most famous video has roughly 30 million views, and they test sweaters, jeans, T-shirts, and even trainers.

Merald, from Switzerland, wrote, “This is what I mean when I say online shopping.”

Merald captioned a video, “I don’t like shopping for pants, do you?” They go to Zara’s men’s section and try on a pair of pink and blue pants electronically.

They also detailed how they came up with the idea for anyone who wanted to try it themselves.

He told Washington Newsday, “I printed off a photo of myself, then cut out the T-shirt, and then hold it into your laptop, that’s it.”

The 19-year-old and 20-year-old say they came up with the idea while brainstorming fashion content for their company.

They’ve experimented with several ways to test garments since their sweatshirt video went viral.

Their most recent virtual dressing room video, which was released in late April, shows the couple placing their heads straight into online models to try on whole ensembles.

“Level up your clothing game friends,” Merald joked, adding in another video, “I am the CEO of the dress up game.”

People believe the two are from the future, as Glitteriponi speculated: “He is already in 2075.”

While Mia_Cos thought: “Okay but imagine clothing websites had a section where you could put in a photo of yourself and it renders the clothing on you.”

Robin is a good friend of mine. “This is so brilliant what,” she / her exclaimed.

Cole agreed, saying, “This is literally so smart.”

Jenn, on the other hand, wondered aloud, “OK, but why have I never thought of doing this before?”

And explaining why this set-up would look familiar to some. This is a brief summary.


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