Fans on ITV Coronation Street are stunned by Gemma Winter’s transformation.


Gemma, the mother of four, is known for her unusual style, but tonight she shocked the audience with her latest transformation.

Gemma stunned fans on Coronation Street tonight as she demonstrated her latest crazy outfit.

The mother of four showed her unique style on the show tonight

And the spectators were quickly ready to comment on her impudent outfit.

She went the whole hog with her outfit, wore all kinds of patterns and sequins and made sure she stood out in the crowd.

When she started her shift at the Rovers, Gemma wore her hair up in four little buns and wore heavy make-up.

Bex told Charlotte, “If 2020 were an outfit, it would be Gemma’s…”

Dion said, “Dresses Gemma in the dark.”

Stell said, “Gemma has the most ridiculous haircuts.”

Flufflekins said, “What is it about Gemma’s hair? It looks like a coronavirus template.”

Gemma encouraged her to talk to Johnny about her problems and get him to open up to her.

During her shift, Jenny and Gemma had a confidential conversation when Jenny confessed that she thought Johnny was hiding something from her.

Meanwhile, Johnny collapsed on the street before participating in the armed robbery when his MS set in and his leg cramped.


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