Fabinho’s injury stroke and everything Jurgen Klopp said in his press conference before the game in Liverpool.


Live broadcast of Jurgen Klopp’s press conference before the Liverpool Premier League clash with West Ham

Liverpool are behind the Premier League on Saturday as they play host to West Ham United in the afternoon.

After beating Sheffield United last weekend, the Reds are currently second in the standings and the Premier League champions are looking to take the lead by winning.

Before Saturday’s match, Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp will hold a digital press conference on Zoom, and as always we will provide LIVE updates.

After the Dutchman’s successful operation, which Fabinho and Virgil van Dijk underwent after an injury, we will inform you about Klopp’s latest developments before the game.

At 12.30 pm Paul Gorst, Theo Squires and Sean Bradbury will start reporting on the game.

Important events
Klopp key points12:49
Thiago and Keita injury update12:43
Fabinho misses West Ham12:35
15:02 Theo Squires

Find out about some of the best Liverpool stories of the day…

14:59 Theo Squires
Lawrenson’s Alisson warning

Mark Lawrenson has issued a warning to Liverpool after claiming to have discovered a weakness in the Alisson game cited by the HITC.

Alisson Becker looks ahead to the warm-up phase during the Premier League match between Liverpool and Sheffield United at Anfield on 24 October 2020 (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

“Without the injured Virgil van Dijk, Liverpool plays a little as if they knew that their back door is slightly open.

“Fabinho’s hamstring injury in the middle of the week is clearly not helpful in this department. It’s extremely unlikely that he’ll play in this game, but at least it doesn’t look like he’ll be absent for much longer.

“Having Alisson back in goal is a great boost, but he’s not coming in for crosses, so the Reds will have to find a way to deal with that.

14:57 Theo Squires
Gabriel on Van Dijk

Gabriel Magalhaes expressed his admiration for Liverpool central defender Virgil van Dijk when he assessed his start in the Premier League after joining Arsenal this summer.

“It is a great league, with the best players in the world. One defender I admired a lot and was allowed to play against was Van Dijk.

14:24 Theo Knappen
GUARD: Klopp offers Thiago and Keita an update

Slightly more positive news about the midfield duo.

14:24Theo Squires
GUARD: Klopp confirms Fabinho’s absence

A heavy blow for Liverpool.

14:21 Theo Squires
Former Liverpool physiotherapist on Van Dijk-Reha

Former Liverpool physiotherapist Andy Renshaw explained the likely time frame for rehabilitation of a cruciate ligament injury after Virgil van Dijk’s surgery.

14:17 Theo Knappen
WACHE: A crackdown on the injury crisis in Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp is not enjoying the injury crisis in Liverpool and who can blame him for that.

13:22 Theo Knappen
GUARD: Lap over Rhys Williams

13:22Theo Squires
GUARD: Knock on the Van Dijk operation

13:20Theo Squires
Listen to the press conference of Klopp vor Westschinken

Did you miss Jurgen Klopp’s press conference before the press conference on West Ham?

Listen to all this again…

13:17 Theo Knappen
More about Van Dijk and Fabinho

Here is a little more from Jurgen Klopp about Fabinho and Virgil van Dijk with kind permission of Connor O’Neill…

13:07 Theo Squires
Fabinho update

It looks like Fabinho will miss the duel between Liverpool and Man City.

Brazil has been informed that he will be absent until after the international match break.

Klopp key points

Did you miss Jurgen Klopp’s press conference?

Here are the most important points…

12:49 Theo Knappen
Fabinho future reference

Fabinho may be missed this weekend, but he spoke of playing in defense and hinted at the desire for a new contract in Liverpool.

Paul Gorst has the story HERE

12:45 Theo Squires
Lap over West Ham

Injury update from Thiago and Keita

“Both are in a good way. So it is with recreation. You saw what happened to Thiago. It takes time to calm down, but we don’t know exactly how long. He is desperately trying to take the next steps. Whether he is ready for tomorrow, we will see. With Naby it is the same, it is a different kind of injury.

12:41 Theo Squires
Klopp for formation change

12:39Theo Squires
Klopp pays tribute to Trento

12:38 Theo Squires
Lap over Rhys Williams

“I can’t say too much about his progress in the last few years, but I can say it in the last weeks and months. He was extraordinary. Vitor Matos drew our attention to him and said: ‘Take him to training.

12:37 Theo Squires
Tap to injuries

Fabinho will miss West Ham

12:35 Theo Squires
A lashing to Henderson

12:34 Theo Squires
Van Dijk’s recreation lap

12:32Theo Squires
Klopp over VAR/Feedback of Mike Riley

12:31Theo Squires
Klopp on the operation of Van Dijk

12:30 Theo Squires
Klopp is here!

And we are on our way…

12:30 Theo Knappen
Gorsty is ready

12:27Theo Squires
Who plays as central defender?

And who’s playing with Joe Gomez as central defender this weekend?

Fabinho and Joel Matip will probably not be fit, while Virgil van Dijk will be out this season.

So will Jurgen Klopp turn to Jordan Henderson or Gini Wijnaldum as an emergency option?

Or will Nat Phillips, Rhys Williams, or Billy Koumetio be awarded the contract if the German decides to go for the youth?

12:05 Theo Knappen
Moyes on Liverpool

David Moyes has already faced the press this morning, and here is what he had to say about Liverpool today.

12:04 Theo Squires
Van Dijk injury update

Here is Paul Gorst with the latest report on Virgil van Dijk after a successful surgery of his ACL injury.



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